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NWA on GWN National Wrestling Alliance to debut on the Global Wrestling Network.

I am loving what the NWA is doing under Billy Corgan. Tim Storm is great and loving the push he is getting. Mostly because of the awesome push he is geting from the 10 pounds of Gold Serie put up on the NWA Youtube Page. Highlining the wrestlers involved and the history of the NWA. Founded in 1948, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is one of the oldest professional wrestling organization in the world featuring the famous 10lbs of Gold. Billy Corgan is doing good at not being fake at what the NWA is . Sure he could pretend the NWA is still the number one wrestling company in the world but who would really believe that.His argument that the NWA title has been around for almost a hundred years and it's still relevant makes it the most relevant argument .. the top of the NWA might not be making what guys at the top of the WWE or Impact Wrestling bring home in salary. A lot of that is due to change of ownership multiple times and the breakdown of the territory system . Can't…
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WrestleMania Weekend, Thanksgiving Show

Next week, Impact Wrestling will be on Thanksgiving night and on a video from impact it asks "Who will wear the turkey suit this year?" For the past couple years, wrestlers like Grado and Eric Young have worn the suit to celebrate the holiday. - After winning the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory, Gail Kim announced on last night's episode of Impact that she will be relinquishing the title and has retired from in-ring competition. Impact Wrestling announced a six-Knockouts Tournament to determine a new champion that will begin on November 30. Entrants have not been named yet, but it looks like it will feature two triple-threat matches and then a one-on-one finals.

UPDATE ON GWN | Global Wrestling Network , SMASH Wrestling - Jack Evans vs. Angelico

Stay tuned for more content from independent promotions around the world, including two seasons of Rocky Mountain Pro’s flagship program ‘charged’ out of Colorado, hard-hitting action from Wisconsin-based Freedom Pro Wrestling, North Carolina’s annual Wrestlecade extravaganza, plus Toronto, Canada’s Superkickd. Also  the biggest stars and matches from the rare St. Louis Wrestling At The Chase library – showcasing the likes of Ric FlairHarley Race“Cowboy” Bob OrtonDick the BruiserBruiser BrodyGene KiniskiLou TheszDory Funk Jr. and Ted Dibiase.

WATCH NOW SMASH  - Jack Evans vs. Angelico-

global wrestling network

Well I finally got the wrestling bug again and it's not because of anything that actually happened on wrestling. I'm absolutely ecstatic about the     Global Wrestling Network. I think the people at Anthem sports are doing a lot of things correctly but I think there's potential to do a lot things better.

There was the time in professional wrestling when you had Mega events like Chris Hero and a fan got  in too it. Some racist comments got thrown around.

The event went viral on YouTube Twitter and many other social media Outlets but very little money was made of the event I think of the opportunities the global Wrestling Network would take an event like this which would basically just be Twitter buzz and turn it into Revenue for G.W.N. .

Do Wrestling News show , like TMZ style shows. You could also have Chris hero and the fan on the show basically "Talking Heads" like you see on CNN , with maybe like a Jeremy bora…