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James Storm defeats Kurt Angle

Sting/Hulk Hogan in-ring promo.
They talked for a long time about the real Hulk Hogan being back. Hogan leaves and then Sting brings out Dixie Carter. Dixie promises to never make the same mistakes again. She appoints Sting as the new TNA authority figure while she takes care of her executive duties at TNA headquarters. Kurt Angle comes out and tells them how they probably expected Bobby Roode to be standing there with them instead of him but it’s too bad because he’s still the world champion. Bobby Roode comes out and tells Angle that he screwed him at Bound for Glory but he isn’t sure if there’s anything he could do about it. Sting gets on the mic and says since Dixie just gave him the authority and since he saw what happened at Bound for Glory that there should be a rematch tonight. Angle rebuffs Sting’s orders and reveals that when the Bound for Glory contract was written up there was a stipulation added in by Bischoff and Hogan that he would only have to defend the title against Roode one time only because they viewed him as a big time threat. James Storm then comes out and tells Angle that since he won’t be able to give Roode a title shot, why not him? Sting thinks it’s a good idea and makes the match much to Angle’s displeasure. The whole segment lasted over 30 minutes. Angle was noticeably favoring his injured hamstring while getting out of the ring. You could see him wincing.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match
Tara & Miss Tessmacher .vs. Winter & Angelina Love

Tara/Tessmacher defeats Winter/Angelina Love via pinfall.
Sadly it was the longest match on the show and was only about 3-4 minutes.

Jeff Jarrett with Karen Jarrett/Jeff Hardy in-ring promo.
Jeff Jarrett vows to finish what was started at Bound for Glory and tells Hardy what happened at Victory Road wasn’t the first time Hardy messed up and that he’s screwed up many times beforehand. Things end up getting physical and a security/referee/agents break apart happens. Al Snow and D-Lo Brown end up taking sides and get into a little bit of a scuffle which allows Jeff Jarrett to kick Jeff Hardy below the waist while everybody was distracted. Jeff Jarrett then leaves with Karen.

Abyss .vs. Gunner
Abyss defeats Gunner via countout. Gunner got on the mic beforehand and called out Abyss. Gunner pretty much ran away like a coward.

Velvet Sky in-ring promo.
Karen Jarrett interrupts and brings Traci Brooks with her. She’s still VP of the Knockouts Division and threatens to fire them both but where would the fun be in that. She wants to dish out physical trauma to Sky and leave her with scars. She has security escort Traci away and then brings out Madison Rayne for what appeared to be a match but was only a diversion for a Gail Kim return. Kim pearl harbored Sky and aligned herself with Karen Jarrett and Madison Rayne.

Eric Bischoff/Bully Ray/Gunner/Scott Steiner in-ring promo.
Bischoff says he’ll deal with his son on his own time but he wants to talk to Hogan face-to-face. Hogan comes out and they talk some more about what happened at Bound for Glory and how he turned his back on Immortal. Bischoff slaps Hogan but Hogan points at him and does his ‘you’ taunt. The other Immortal members climb on the apron and look as if they’re going to ambush Hogan but Sting comes from the crowd with two black baseball bats in hand and they send them scurrying away. Bischoff backs up the entrance ramp and bumps into his son who is now being called Garrett Bischoff. Garrett is not in referee clothes but in a dress shirt. Garrett rips off his shirt and lays out Eric Bischoff with a punch to the face. I have a feeling they plan on turning him into a wrestler.

Backstage promo.
Roode is walking with Storm to the ring and Storm talks about how he wishes he had more time to prepare. Roode tells Storm not to worry about it since he’s been with the company since day 1 and is more than prepared for the match. Roode tells Storm to go become a world champion.

Main Event
TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
James Storm .vs. Kurt Angle

James Storm defeats Kurt Angle to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion via pinfall. Match lasted about 1 minute. It consisted of Angle punching and stomping Storm in the corner before playing to the camera and turning around into a superkick.

Post-match, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, & Kazarian come out to celebrate with a six-pack of beer. Storm goes into the crowd to celebrate and splashes beer all over the place.

TNA Xplosion

Jesse Sorensen defeated Robbie E w/ Rob Terry via pinfall.