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Kent Jones

kent jones tna
C.E.O. of

Kent Jones was born and raised in Huber, NC, and lived there until the age of 13, when he decided to pack his Stuff and move to AJ Styles country Gainesville Georgia.

Kent first entered the internet wrestling community back in 1991 when he became the co-host of #9qA Talk Wrestling Live Radio. From there, Kent made the transition from radio personality to editor when he began working with in 2005 as part of the youtube shooting  wrestling community and thin in 2007. Kent is now the CEO of .

Kent is a icon of what a Big Name Fan is

kent is wrestling's top Big Name Fan kent has achieved notoriety and respect within the internet wrestling community . His contributions of various sorts. Kent is a icon of what a Big Name Fan is .Big Name Fans Kent Jones has had fans asked for his autograph at wrestling shows.
Kent "Controversy" Jones is the first ever youtube shooter. He debuted in May of 2006. Taking the Wrestling Internet community by storm by crushing the biggest Wrestling company in the world. Kent Jones commonly referred to the WWE " worst wrestling ever... The Inter et community has been using this term everywhere including wrestling forums . The Internet community has been using this term everywhere including wrestling forums and this wouldn't be the first wrestling term Kent Jones has created.. "youtube shooter" was also created by Kent jones.. when kent hacked the youtube account Bill and Doug.. when picked up on this they used 'youtube shooter' to describe the event.The term would term would later be used again by wrestling they would would call Damien Demento. a youtube shooter.

Sports Entertainment Cancer

Kent jones would also created SEC "Sports Entertainment Cancer" Kent Jones would also create the term, "netpets" that would lead "smart Marks" to believe everything that was on dirt shirt...

Kent Jones would have a rival with "wwebetterthantna from Oct, 25, 2006, to Jan 31, 2007. me he would later on going by the name of zackments would also change his body structure, by wearing a garbage bag, a lamp shoot to moralvirus and the gay brothers lance and taker Zackment was a WWE fan, but was by far the dumbest fan.. He would misspell his video names.. He would pronounce skate board "scat board. "i fell on my scatbord but I was ok" even dumb no matter how reticules and taking hormones and dressing as a woman. WWE fans still thought he was real.on jan 31 2007 zackments would later to rival that he was his arch nemeses Kent Jones.
in that video he would show clues on who he really was.though no one would pick up on it.. sine Zackment left youtube no one could duplicate the persona of Zackment. its still true to this day.. Another youtube shooter "Mb700" often tried to duplicate the Zackment persona but has failed miserably.

Kent Jones has proved that isn't his only prank,he as faked hacked to get peoples attention to only show he really wasn't hacked at all.. Kent Jones was actually hacked once.. once he logged on youtube. he found a fellow youtube user and crashed and fried his computer.. Kent has also got into another hacker war and burned fire tracker to the ground..He placed "Kent Jones owns this web site" on's home page.

but that's not the end of Kent's Hacking rampage. Kent Jones hacked the online musician and became the most subscribed user on youtube.
Kent Jones also hacked the nickelodeon star "the real kel mitchell" from Keenan and Kiel. who has placed in many movies.Mr. Kel Mitchell in this video kel said "he had a couple of haters" witch he was talking about Kent Jones Hacking his account.

Kent Jones on T.V.

Kent Jones was featured on the UK's fight network on a show called Diehard wrestling fans witch aired a good 5 min piece about Kent Jones himself. Go to fullsize imagefans have brought signs saying " I am not with Kent".. Witch were planted by TNA Wrestling to stop the popularity of Kent Jones.. They were so desperate that they would hire two TNA Wrestling Fans who they would instruct to post videos. they claimed they have no affiliation of TNA Wrestling.. though they were false.. All thanks to Kent Jones for hacking there account. Kent then took screen Shots of the e mails from bill banks.. The director of ( the tna site at the time ) .. Bill and Doug were given plane tickets and also given free Merchandise by TNA.
Kent Jones follows any promotions such as, EPW witch is explosive pro wrestling, NWA witch is national wrestling Alliance, he has been known to follow PWU Pro wrestling Unplugged, Kent Jones unlike other wrestling fans on the Internet he is not into ROH.. he thinks its over rated  " he hates the netpets that follow it as well". Kent Jones has been known to go to TNA Wrestling shows being asked Autographs and picture frames.. Kent was also asked by wildside to leave cause he was more over then the other wrestlers..
 If Kent Jones would of never made another piece of wrestling History. Witch would be unlikely Kent would go down in history to be the most hated, yet loved wrestling fan of all time and Beyond!!!!

When peace and calmness has become part of your life, it is very difficult for negativity to live inside of you. In order for you to let go, you must accept peace. I'm closer to death thin I was at the beginning of this post. in the grand scheme of time we are our legacy and this is my legacy the memories i create in you. most won't have accomplished a thing in the sands of time. 

A lot of those people are very proud they have some land , some cars maybe a boat. people speak in there funerals they won't bring up their boats in their cars ...and someone will speak about someone they have no clue about...and why is that realistically because most people are not about a damn thing. 

most people will simply have on their stones the year they were born a dash and the year they die. most won't be remembered for much more than that.

if I can be remembered for just one saying or just one thing I'll be happy. very few in the sands of time to have a real true legacy. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" . OBAMA: "yes we can" true legacy.

my legacy is that TNA fan ....who wouldn't give up on a product for all intents and purposes should have failed. in my heart of hearts I believe that pro wrestling could not move forward without the existence of TNA . I believe that pro wrestling will die if it was left to WWE .....I truly believe the WWE is a cancer. if someone doesn't say at my funeral that kent believe WWE was the death of professional wrestling and TNA was the saving grace of professional wrestling . really no point to do the funeral. That's truly my intents and purposes true legacy. 

I'm not one bit upset about that realistically because most people are not about a damn thing. it's funny because I've told people wrestling defines me.. trying to make me feel good they say no there's more to you than that and I'm thinking to myself maybe... maybe .... but there's no more to you.

to be known forever for something very very small is very very very big. 

last words - if i happen to die today .... "I Have a Dream" THAT one day TNA IS saw for what it is TNA the saving grace of professional wrestling. 

love the man hate the sin ! Suppression in me for time that was my solution to day i say to you I love you just in case I never get a chance to say it again ...