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TNA Fans died in a car crash part of the "Crucial Crew" group of TNA fans fleeing from police

TNA car crash
The "Crucial Crew" Was a group of TNA fans that was know for going to the iMPACT! Zone every week for every live event and taping in Orlando who actually refer to themselves as the "Crucial Crew". Jay Caer, and Matt Whack, both of TNA's "Crucial Crew" died in a car crash on 7-9-2012.

when the 2012 Chevy Impala fleeing from police overturned  just after 12:30 am , on the way home from Destination X 2012. The two were transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center were they were pronounced deceased. Matt was taken to Florida Hospital South and later died from his injuries.The crash remains under investigation.

IMO, there's no bigger cancer in the wrestling industry than fans who think they know better than the talent and what belongs and what doesn't, but What ever you may think of the "Crucial Crew" this is sad all the same.